Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea Glass Jewelry

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I hope you enjoy this craft idea.

I have been fascinated with sea glass my whole life and an avid collector of it as well. I was excited to find ways to transform my collection into jewelry and I also enjoyed the information on the origins of sea glass.

Sea Glass Jewelry has lots of great tips, like don’t start off drilling on a rare piece. There’s also lots of interesting facts, like the chart that shows sea glass colors from least common to most common, so you know when you found something special!

I started with the simple earrings, which look so pretty with my green sea glass pieces. I’m hoping to try the wire wrapped necklace next and work my way up to the bezeled rings. If you’re a fan of sea glass, like me, Sea Glass Jewelry is a real pleasure!

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  1. bodiljewelry
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    I don’t have a catalog, but I do have many pieces of jewelry I can show you. If you are interested, just let me know what you might be looking for (color, type). Don’t forget, all pieces are “one of a kind.”

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